What clients are saying


A-Chau C. - Alexandria, VA

 We  had an excellent experience with Reid's Handyman Service and highly  recommend Reid for any of your home repair needs. We received GREAT  service and experience beyond our expectations.

We were in the  middle of selling our home and dealing with preparing it for listing,  inspection and HOA requirements in a short time. With Reid's Handyman  Service, you will get BOTH a highly experienced home repairman and a  highly experienced and licensed real estate agent. This combined  knowledge was invaluable to helping us through the stresses of the home  selling process.

He helped us beautify our home before we listed  it on a tight budget and again after we were under contract. The home  repair results for our home were excellent! Reid's service is highly  professional and of high quality. He is very responsive to request for  quotes and questions. He works closely with you on meeting your budget  needs and his estimates are very reasonable. He is knowledgeable in an  array of home repair areas including ceiling cracks, toilets, lighting,  painting, door trim repair, repairing drive way extensions, and removing  tree roots. He also has experts on hand to quickly handle specific jobs  like electrical and appliance repair within our tight timeline. He  takes great pride in his work, even in the smallest jobs and  communicates clearly how he will address the repair beforehand. He  scheduled our job immediately and was completed on-time. This was  essential to our home selling timeline.

And, his knowledge in  real estate and home repair helped us navigate the difficult inspection  process. He was able to provide us an independent assessment of the  inspection results and determine what should be addressed and what could  be rejected. We were able to negotiate and reduce the list by 50%! It  us get a fair deal for our home and save us a lot of time and money.   With a short time to negotiate the inspection with the buyer, Reid came  the same day to do the assessment! Plus, he was able to give us an  estimate and schedule for repairs on the spot!

He understood how  to efficiently and effective address home repairs AND he understood  home selling process, especially the stressors and deadlines we were  under. He worked with us through it all. We so greatly appreciate his  support, quality work and EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! We would  definitely recommend and use Reid’s Handyman Service again.